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Warehouse Floor Marking

There are regulations in place to make modern workplaces as safe as they possibly can be. However, hazards are unavoidable, especially in warehouse spaces. Industrial equipment, forklifts, loading docks and lots of activity can make it hard for people to move and work safely throughout the area.

Sufficient and easy to understand floor marking is, therefore, an essential component of a safe working environment. The stripes, lines and dots on warehouse floors keep order, prevent employees from moving unknowingly into dangerous areas, and minimise hazards wherever possible.

We are warehouse floor marking experts. We will assess your workspace and work out where we can maximise your space and efficiency while ensuring safety. We will also evaluate social distancing requirements in your warehouse and put in the appropriate floor markers.

Contact us today to see how we can transform your warehouse. We offer expert advice to work out the best safety solutions.

What We Do

From health and safety walkways to forklift routes, pallet bays to stencilling, numbering, and lettering – we do it all. We utilise floor markers, line marking, heavy-duty self-adhesive, marking paint, floor signs, safety tape and labels.

We do internal and external warehouse line-markings and floor coatings, including:

  • Chlorinated rubber
  • One and two-pack epoxy resin paints
  • MMA cold-pour plastic
  • Hot thermoplastic
  • Anti-slip flooring

We can also help with new social distance requirements using both floor markers and safety signs.

All of our services come in a variety of colours, and we’ll advise you on the best materials for your surfaces. We can also include line removal and surface preparation as part of the service.

If necessary, we’ll work outside of your working hours – to minimise disruption to your warehouse – and all our work is guaranteed.

What do Health and Safety Executive Say?

According to the Health and Saftey Executive (HSE), the floor in a place of work must be suitable for the type of activity it is used for.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 (Regulation 12) require floors to be free from obstructions, suitable, and in good condition. Furthermore, people should be able to move around the space safely.

Where there is likely to be frequent hazards or contamination, people must be made aware, and risks must be mitigated.

The guidance forms the HSE on Preventing Slips and Trips at Work requires employers to carry out risk assessments and make adjustments to the workplace wherever possible. A risk assessment involves identifying what risks may lead to a slip or fall and putting in effective control measures. To prevent the floor from becoming contaminated, the HSE suggest that workspaces include pedestrian and vehicle routes, which must be clearly laid out. Walkways must be free from hazards and clearly visible.

When you contact us, we will do a risk assessment and will assess how the warehouse can be made safer with floor markers and safety signs.

We have all of the tools at our disposal: floor markers, line marking, marking floor tape, heavy-duty self-adhesive, floor signs, safety tape, safety labels, safety signs, hanging signs, social distancing signs and floor markers.

How to Minimise Hazards with Floor Markings in Warehouse

Floor markings are one of the best and most efficient ways of making a warehouse safer. If a hazard exists, then it should be clearly marked, and pedestrian and vehicle routes should avoid them. Here are some of the ways we will use line marking and safety signs for the protection of you and your staff.

  • Separate workers from moving equipment and machines: Floor marking and safety signs in a warehouse can be used to set out clear designated paths that separate pedestrians from electrical panels, forklifts, heavy machinery, and any other hazards.
  • Improve forklift safety: Forklifts are notoriously hazardous. Line marking tape and labels can clearly establish pedestrian-only walkways, keeping employees away from unsafe or unbalanced loads and give drivers clear traffic controls.
  • Provide instruction: Floor marking and hazard tapes show employees within the warehouse exactly where they can stand, and where they should avoid when operating heavy machinery.
  • Keep employees safe in low-light conditions: Phosphorescent paint and signs enable employees to find exits and safety equipment in emergency and other low-light situations in the warehouse.
  • Warn of hazardous areas: Floor marking can also be used on steps, loading docks, areas with exposed edges and where dangerous equipment is kept, to warn employees of hazards and keep them safe.

Improving Your Organisation with Floor Marking

Floor marking with tape and paint as well as clear signs in a warehouse isn’t just a fantastic tool for the protection of you and your staff, it can also maximise your space and improve your efficiency. Contact us to discuss your options, some of the things you may want to consider are:

  • Putting clear systems in place: With the correct symbols, text and floor marking tape, you can create an organised workspace to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Transparent systems and markers in your warehouse that use colour, text and shapes, can transform the way your employees work.
  • Establish traffic routes: Establishing clear areas for vehicle traffic and pedestrians, can ensure that employees can move around safely and efficiently. Floor marking can be utilised to mark out roads and walk paths within your warehouse.
  • Designate storage areas: Floor marking and signs can also mark off areas for PPE, inventory, hazardous equipment and forklifts.

COVID-19: Floor Marking for Social Distancing

New COVID-19 restrictions may require you to accommodate social distancing for your staff. Floor marking using paint or tape is the best and most efficient way to help your staff keep the correct social distance.

Without guidelines of where people should stand while they work, social distancing is very difficult to maintain. With the correct floor marking, you can enable your staff to keep the correct social distance, while still being able to complete their work effectively.

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With the correct floor marking, signs and labels, you can maximise safety, and at the same time, make your workplace more efficient. That is why it is best to call in an expert, in order to benefit from your space and ensure that you are adhering to health and safety regulations and social distancing requirements.

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